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Pictawho? you ask.

PICTAWHAT  is the name we have given a game that most of us have played at some time in our lives.  The game started with paper and pens and now we are bringing the fruits of our labors to the interwebs.

It starts with a sentence, any sentence.  The next person in line then draws their interpretation of the sentence.  Followed by the next player, who will write out what they think the drawing is, which gets artistically interpreted by the subsequent player.  Lather, rinse, repeat…. you get the idea.

This often leads to some funny imagery,  and if you have friends like mine, this often leads to crude renditions of the human anatomy. hope you enjoy.  I will try to post a new one every day so please check back frequently.

If you play at home with your friends, feel free to submit your own imagery.

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